Michelin Xi3 vs Bridgestone ws90 winter snow tires

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    Hello all,

    Last year I got bridgestone ws90s, which were excellent snow/ice tires, but decreased fuel economy quite a bit; they don't claim to be LRR, so no surprise.
    My son needed snow tires, so I gave him the ws90s, and I got michelin xi3s on a big sale, as michelin have a new winter tire out.

    With my '19 awd-e, as soon as I put on the ws90s last year, my commuting mileage went from 3.6L/100kms (67usmpg) to 4.3 -- 54mpg -- at best, down to 5.0 (47mpg).
    My first 400kms -- 248 miles -- with the xi3s have showed 3.8/100 (61mpg), half of it below freezing. Already the LRR xi3s are living up to their label, and I'm looking forward to experience how they handle in deeper snow, where the ws90s excelled. The xi3s are quieter than the ws90s, too.

    I'd like to know how the new michelin winter tires compare to both these two.
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