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    Jan 10, 2022
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    2015 Prius c
    Our 2015 Prius C Three Bluetooth cell phone connection is not working. When I turn the car on, an icon with a red slash through a cell phone shows up on the display. When I try to open Settings/Phone or Settings/Bluetooth, "Microphone Not Connected" pops up on the screen. Also, when I press the voice command button on the steering wheel, "Microphone Not Found" pops up.

    The Bluetooth connection features were working fine last fall before we took off on an extended trip in another vehicle, but haven't worked since we returned in early December. Rats and mice got into the car while we were gone, and it now stinks of something dead. We caught two good sized rats in the car and have since kept both rat and mouse trips set in it. No more sign since then. I have looked through all the areas of the car that I know how to access, including the cabin air filter behind the glove box, where I found a massive mouse nest on top of the filter and choking the duct above it. I pulled out as much as I could get at by hand and sucked as much more as I could using the crevice tool with my shop vac. I didn't get it all, because the fan is making a lot of noise when it's on the higher speeds.

    But I digress. My guess is that the mice got into the headliner and damaged the mic itself or the wiring to it up in the dome light assembly where the mic is located. It also houses the two controls for the moon roof, which seem to be working fine, as are the two dome lights. I'd like to pull the assembly down to get a look at the mic and associated wiring, but haven't been able to figure out how to do that. I have tried pulling down on it and prying around the edges with trim tools, but it feels firmly attached and I'm afraid of breaking something if I pry too hard. Can anyone tell me what the trick is to pull down this assembly? Here's what it looks like. 2015 Prius C Three dome light assy.jpg