More things I like in Gen 3 Three to Gen 4 Four upgrade

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    I've previously posted a list of the features I thought were improved in the Gen 4 versus the Gen 3. Things like better visibility around the A pillar, etc. These are some additional things I noticed on our first long-weekend road trip. Some of them are due to the Three to Four upgrade, and some are Gen 3 versus Gen 4 things.

    ++ Automatic headlights, automatic high-beams, automatic wipers. All work well and it's nice to have the car sweat those details for me. Auto-wipers is actually the perfect version of interval wipers, just as DRCC perfects cruise control.

    ++ Auto-dimming rear-view mirror. I've always figured this was a gimmick. I was wrong. It gives you much better visibility at dusk and at night, since you always have more light, contrast, and color saturation except when a car with headlights is actually behind you.

    ++/- DRCC. I've found it to not be useful to me in stop-n-go traffic due to the car-length space it leaves between me and the car in front of me when I come to a stop, and because it's non-smooth compared to a human driver. HOWEVER, I also found it to be incredible on this trip, which included interstate, highly-trafficked country secondary roads, etc. Worked well in mist and moderate rain. (Would like to know how it works in heavy rain, especially in the blast/mist you can get when passing an 18-wheeler.)

    I'd expressed some worries in these forums that I might accidentally tap the brake pedal and disengage DRCC while approaching a slow/stopped car. It takes much more deliberate action than that, and I can happily say it's not an issue (for me).

    + Navigation worked well, even if it's ugly and doesn't take my destination from Apple Maps. One quirk -- not sure how other GPS would've handled it -- was when I evidently turned a block short of the actual turn and immediately was on a country road and instead of telling me to U-turn, it eventually detoured me on a loop through a small neighborhood. (It might've let me continue on that road and rerouted me to another route which I had not chosen and which had construction, I guess, but wisely decided not to do that. A naive U-turn on a country road could be dangerous, too, but once it'd gotten me into a 25-mph neighborhood, it might've suggested a U-turn.)

    + Nicer, quieter ride and the tires gripped well on a variety of wet pavement.

    + Better mileage than the Gen 3. Granted, this trip was on flatter ground and at lower speeds than many of my trips, but even using DRCC most of the time I got 57 mpg (indicated) overall.

    + Key fob sensors and touch-lock on two doors and hatch. Yeah, I like touch (no fob button) locking from where I'm closing.

    - Door open with fob in pocket. With the Gen 3, the door unlock was quick enough that you just grabbed the handle and pulled. (Only if the car had been asleep would this not work the first time.) With the Gen 4 there is a slight pause between when your fingers hit the inside of the handle and the door unlock, so you have to pause. Maybe it's more reliable/secure overall?

    - Back wiper speed. Doesn't matter a lot to me, but the back wiper is sloooooow. Slow to respond when you click it on and slow to move. On the Gen 3 I would click-on-click-off and it would cycle once.

    ++ Displays. Very nice. Lots of information. There's some redundancy between the big screen, in-dash screen, and the HUD that I wish wasn't there, but it's a great display. (Semi-negative is that the big screen easily gets glare from many sources.

    - HUD and speed limit. I have the HUD set to pop-up the speed limit. When doing so, it replaces the Econo-meter (or whatever the curved graph is), which is fine except it seems to like to display the speed limit for 10 seconds or so. It is a HUD, so it's usually in view: maybe 3 seconds would be more appropriate. Or let me steering-wheel-return-button out of it. It seems to like to pop up a speed limit right around the time I'm wanting to feather the gas pedal.
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