My junk car has broken down and thinking of a 2016 Prius, help?

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    Nov 25, 2020
    2016 Prius
    Hi everyone,

    My old 2002 Nissan has broken down and I think it is time for me to get a reliable and more current car.
    This would be our first car that wasnt a hand me down.

    We are located in Georgia and our general budget is 15 - 16,000 with a decent amount of wiggle room (we will be paying cash)
    Our main questions are

    It is safe to buy a 2016 model with over 80k miles? Should I be sticking to closer to 40k? Does it matter? Should I just stick to the 15k/year rule?
    Should I automatically eliminate any cars with accidents? (Specifically minor accidents on carfax)
    Is it worth it to get the 2016 model, should I consider the Gen 3 in order to spend less money?

    Here are some examples that we were considering
    2016 Toyota Prius Two Eco , $13,999, 82,243 miles
    2016 Toyota Prius Three Touring, $16,599, 45,711 miles
    2016 Toyota Prius Two. $15,854, 51,025 miles
    2016 Toyota Prius Two Eco $14,394, 65,977 miles
    Certified Pre-Owned 2016 Toyota Prius Three,$15,986, 60,022miles

    Honestly any advice would be appreciated
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    Check where the minor accidents occurred if possible. On 2016, TSS-P was optional (so if you get a Two, it might not be an issue) but if the Three Touring has some minor accidents, check to make sure the safety systems work (i.e. the radar is unaffected or that it's been repaired and properly calibrated). It should give you warning messages if it isn't working.

    Out of the options you listed, only the Two Eco has a tyre repair kit, the others have a spare tyre if that matters to you. (Note higher models - the Four and Four Touring eliminate the spare tyre as well).

    Without knowing anything else, that CPO Three for just under $16k seems reasonable. You get 3-dr smart key (vs. only the driver's door on the Two) as well as TSS=P which rolls in the autonomous emergency braking (which may qualify for insurance discounts if they're offered), lane departure alert and radar cruise control) as well as a slightly nicer interior (mostly trim bits) and slightly quieter interior (extra sound insulation in the firewall)
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    The certified Preowned three sounds good as it gives you peace of mind with the additional warranty, any options for a 2017 because if you get a 17.5 I believe they come standard with the TSS-P. I'm no expert though. By the way, as another option maybe you can play hardball with a dealer and get maybe a brand new prius out the door for a base prius at a decent price, say a 2020 since they should be on the way out this time of year. Just another idea.
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    TBH I'd stretch your budget just a scoosh and get brand new 2020 Prime. With Govt Money rebates it will be a better deal than used, per wear&tear mile. Factor in Peace of Mind buying brand new 0-miles car you KNOW hasn't been abused in anyway, no milkshakes spilled on carpet, etc, and to me its a no-brainer.

    Only real problem is if you get a loan you will be forced to carry Full Coverage, but you should be able to put the other $8K or so on a credit card if you want to save on Insurance and willing to take chance.

    Does the 2016 even have Radar Cruise? Because that is the best feature invented since Automatic Transmission for easy driving. Did I mention with 2020 model you can get FULL SELF DRIVING aftermarket add on for $1000?
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    i am in the process of replacing my 2007 Prius.
    i really didnt want to go with a brand new 2020 or 2021 priced at $28K and up from toyota.

    after searching around the web and dallas dealers, i used Carvana and am buying a 2018 Prius Two that has 18,800 miles. at $20,600, it was a couple thousand more than the next lowest mileage model for sale (in the 30s). i put a bunch down and will finance the rest, probably pay it off early.

    if you want to get an extended warranty, dealer offered ones (like the Carvana's extended warranty) usually cost way more than the Toyota Vehicle Service Agreements that Troy Dietrich sells via fd-warranty.
    if interested, check out this thread for some details.
    Extended Warranty and Service Plan? | Page 3 | PriusChat

    good luck if you havent already purchased the replacement car.