My Prime wheel + sound upgrade

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    Those 17 or 18” wheels? whats the specs?
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    swapped out factory speakers. 3.5" dash w/ 600Hz. capacitors, 6.5"/1" components in the front and rear doors. In the front, there really is no proper place to install the twitter. all curved surface. Mounting it on the dash would not transmit sound and too much work too install. So, I looked for a component set with a surface mounted twitter option ( Rockford Fosgate Punch component). Overall, sounds x3 better with much better Bass. However, the power hungry speakers really need an amp to make it sound proper. Sound is amazing at level 50+ with no distortion and lack of Bass. Also, the car produces most of the sound from the front dash/door speakers. About 70/30 with not too much bass. Even with adjusted fader setting to rear doesn't produce more sound from the rear. It just reduces sound from the front. So, in hindsight, I would do the same for the front speakers. Leave the rear factory speakers. tap in a 1" twitter with a crossover or a Bass blocker capacitor for twitter. Add 1 or a pair of under the seat 8" powered Bass speaker. The rear tweeters were installed on the door. about 1" behind the rear door opener.
    Wheels and Tire:
    18x8 Flow One Rotary forged wheel. 21lbs. 45 Offset with General G-Max RS. 225/40ZR x18, 22 lbs. almost same OEM rolling diameter at 25"/25.1".(General web site specs. are correct. no others) Overall +8 lbs. per corner from stock 35 lbs. with 15" OEM set up. I am losing about 25-30% electric or 4-5 hybrid mpg. For those interested, It amounts to about loss of 50 Hybrid miles per fill up once the gas light goes on. However, the car is so much more stable on the freeway. No side to side. Of course heavier. But, more solid. better handling as well. I much rather have safety with loss of 5mpg. Not to mention better looking. I will let you know how many combined Elec./Hybrid miles I'm getting per fill up after the light goes on (10gal).

    I plan to lower the car. Trying to decide... Springs or coilovers. ???

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