My v (lowercase v) turned 40... K miles

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    Feb 22, 2012
    2012 Prius v wagon
    My observation:

    Purchased my v (lowercase v for the Prius v wagon) March 22, 2012.

    Type of driving: 60% Freeway 40% City mostly on flat.

    Style of driving: Drove it like a regular car. No hypermiling, no drafting, no pulse and glide

    Overall AVG MPG: 40.2 (never reset the Odometer B since new)

    Suspension: Megan Coilovers

    Wheels: switched between Stock 16s, 17", 18s and 20s (used it only for 2 days). Mostly 18s & 16s.

    After 40k miles, my gas bill savings so far compared to my 19 MPG car is around $4,421.05. On road trips, I switched my wheels to stock and adjust my shocks toward softer settings.

    As for my car seat configuration, it has changed. I now have 2 full car seats and a booster seat. My 2 year old's car seat is anchored on the middle. This made it challenging to access the 2 side seat belt buckle. Acquiring the "free" seat belt extender from the dealer made it less challenging.

    The interior is holding up fine having 3 kids spilling their juices, ketchup, milks, etc. It doesn't look as it was brand new but I'm okay with it.

    Body wise, the front bumper's paint has it share of chips from road/freeway debris. This is normal to me. the rest still looks shiny just like how it came from the dealer.

    Electronic wise, all are working as it should (radio, speakers, bluetooth, usb, instrument cluster, charging system, etc). No surprises here.

    Maintenance wise, just oil changes, rotate tires, air filter, cabin filter and that's it.

    I still love driving my v (lowercase v for the Prius v wagon) to this day. I don't really have anything to complain about except for the aftermarket stuff that I added which calls for a different thread. I plan on keeping it for a very long time and it's the perfect car for me.

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    Feb 4, 2012
    2012 Prius v wagon
    Thanks for sharing.....Keep her going...
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    Dec 3, 2012
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    Are you still driving the Prius v (lowercase v for the Prius v wagon)? I noticed your earlier post about doing a long road trip with 3 kids and was interested because I am looking for a car that can double as both the family road trip car and a commuting car and thought this might be it. I would need to fit a baby car seat, a toddler car seat, and a booster seat but not for long. My 9yo son will soon outgrow the booster and my almost 4yo daughter will soon outgrow her seat and move to a booster, but when I initially tried putting all of the seats in the Prius v it was clear they wouldn't all fit. Also, the middle seat appears to not have latch hooks. Did you install your car seat using only the seat belt? I realize this post is almost 4 years old so you may have moved on from the Prius v but I'd love to know your thoughts on how feasible it is to make long car trips with 3 kids in the back. This summer they will be 10, 4, and infant. Thank you very much! Btw, I am currently driving a Plug-in Prius and love it, but I am certain it is not large enough for 3 kids on a road trip. The v only adds 1" width, but a lot more head and leg room plus cargo space. I am wondering though if the extra 1" width is enough.