Navigation map files to replace for updated maps

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    We just bought an '09 Venza that came with nav.
    I have an 07 Touring edition. I tried a search and didn't find anything relating to disc structure and files, so:
    Is is possible to just update the map and POI data files on the 07 dvd image (keeping the existing loading.kwi) and have the new map data from the Venza U-90 disc?
    I know the systems are slightly different so I can't just copy the disc and try it in my prius, but can I pull the map files off? The Venza also has text to speech, very nice. (not expecting this on my Prius)
    Attached is a listing of what's on the Venza disc, I haven't pulled the Prius disc yet. Has anyone done this?


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    ttait, I tried what you are talking about, but with same Toyota discs, using analog versions 4.2 and 8.2 (own both discs, no copyright violations here.) From the files you posted, think you will have lots of problems.

    I took the files from my 2-versions and put then in folders on my desktop, opened the two folders at the same time, and resized the windows so I could look and compare them both, especially concerning the "last modified" dates. I was surprised to see only 4 files (out of about 14 or so) had newer dates on the newer version. All the other files had the same dates, meaning those files were exactly the same. One of these newer files was not on the older version. So, I used just the 3-files that had the same name, just newer dates, and overwrote on the older version.

    My outcome was not what I hoped for, but was what I was already getting when simply working with the loading.kwi file (putting older into newer). Lots and lots of reading has resulted in finding out about this loading.kwi file also flashing the DVD chip with new firmware.

    My first attempt at just swithing the loading.kwi was working. Great! After day and a half, still messing with things, I simply put in new, full, unmodified disc. From then on, what was working, only worked partly. The keyboard will not come up. Later is when I found out this flashing new firmware, and that once flashed to newer version, nothing will undo this back to earlier firmware.

    Some college kid discovered this, and pointed out to everyone that the modified disc will work, so long as you never put in the newer loading.kwi file. To bad I did not do all those hours and hours of reading before trying.

    Hope this helps you see there is a lot more to these files than you might think. Good luck.