need aftermarket audio upgrade advice

Discussion in 'Prius v Audio and Electronics' started by coleman22, Jun 11, 2014.

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    i bought a 2014 prius with the JBL system. its really not to my liking and i am going to begin modifications.

    i already own a PPI 480 amp( 4 ch 8 watt) from a previous car. Ultimately i want to revamp the entire system but for now i am thinking about just doing a small subwoofer to fill out the sound.

    I have been given a little advice thus far. one shop said all powered subs are inferior and crap and he recommended a JL 6" enclosure. he said it was plenty for the prius seeing how i dont listen to hip hop and electronic. another shop said the infinity bass link was very good and he recommended that one if i go the powered sub route. that guy said i should start at 8" minimum for the sub. any other powered subs that i should look at?

    another route would be to get a nice front component set and a small sub and power it with the amp i have. but here are where my questions start:
    -if i do this, what do i need to get to keep my stock HU and steering wheel functionality intact- i keep reading about the Audio control Lc2i or lc6i....
    -i see many people are using coaxials for the fronts but others are adamant about using 6.5 component setup. i had read that the front tweeters have to be left alone to keep the HU and steering controls functional.
    -can i use the other channels on the amp i already own to power a small sub?
    -would i then disconnect the rear stock speakers?...they sound like shit anyways....
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    It already has a separate amp system. You'll want to start by ascertaining what the connections are to the head unit, and whether you can just drop in a different amp. The hatchback Prius uses a sub system on the JBL option. I'd expect its on a crossover in the amp itself. But I'd look for a replacement for the existing amp system that included a crossover and amp for a sub.

    I had a 6x9" sub in my double cab Tacoma JBL system that worked very well. Whatever speaker you go with for a sub, the box its in will be at least as important as the speaker or amp. Those things need to be properly designed. I might look into placing a custom sub box in the cubby at the lt rear corner by the hatch, there's a fair bit of space there if you remove the floor plate. Once you know the actual volume of the box, then determine the best speaker and amp.

    FWIW, I think the JBL system is quite good if you crank it up. At lower volume it does need a sub. As always, it also depends a lot on the content you're playing. GIGO.
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    The jbl amp had internal xovers you will need to sum the signal coming out to get proper signals for aftermarket gear.
    Lc6 is good there are also other processors that can do it. It really depends on budget.
    What do I feel is lacking? Just sub bass?