Need help for my 4 channel setup

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    Dec 23, 2020
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    Few weeks ago I setup this (uploaded pic). I was wondering if it is okay for the front door setup but one of my friend told me this is fine, so I did anyway. All the speakers are giveaway and the only thing I bought is the 4 channel amp, so let's just ignore the fact that tweeters in front will be duplicated.

    Turns out it didn't work well. Everything sounded great from the first night, amp didn't give smoke. However after a few days I felt something wrong and realized that the front tweeter set was kind of "broken" and "weak", it couldn't play the sound of guitar and vocal clearly anymore.

    I thought the tweeter were bad so I bought a new pair from Amazon and replaced them. Same thing happened.

    Now I am confused:

    1. Parallel wiring kill my tweeters?

    2. Is "3 way coaxial 6x9 speaker" + "1.5 Tweeter (get rid of inline capacitor)" + "2 way passive crossover" this combination possible?

    3. Found a possible alternative to replace my front coaxial 6x9; [​IMG]
      "Focal ISU 690" with inline integrated crossovers for both woofer and tweeter. But it doesn't come with a crossover box so I need to parallel wiring again?


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