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    Our animal rescue uses a Toyota Prius to transport rescue dogs since we can leave the air conditioner running for hours with minimal gas consumption, the conventional engine only kicking in as needed.

    In case of an emergency and the car gets too hot inside (probably because of human error of the A/C being switched off accidentally), we bought a system called the "Hot Dog" which automatically rolls down the rear two windows and turns on an installed fan to ventilate the back of the car to keep the dogs safe and cool. It also activates a pager up to a mile away. (Search for "Criminalistics Inc" and "Hot Dog" on Google if you want to see the product. They primarily sell their product for police canine units.)

    I had someone install one of these in my first generation Prius 8 years ago without any issues, he said it was like any other car. Now we're going to install it in the latest generation Prius, and want to know if there any potential issues we need to watch out for? We have a 2012 Prius Package Five with Advanced Technology Package (LKA, radar cruise, etc.).

    The main two things we need to do is to trigger the back two windows to roll down (either by directly triggering the motor, or through some sort of relay switch) and then draw power from the 12V to power the fan, and a remote paging system. The installer who started in on this today said there were more wires in the door than he normally sees going to the window, and is afraid of messing up something with the computer system if he does it wrong. Here are a few specific questions:

    1) Does this product sound like it should work ok in the latest generation Prius, as it did in the first generation Prius?

    2) Any special pointers for installing this, we need to be careful about?

    3) Can anyone provide any links to web pages that outline the electric details for where we should hook in, in order to trigger the rear windows to roll down?

    4) Does anyone live in the Alabama/Georgia/South Carolina/Florida area that wants to try to help us to do this? We could hire you to perhaps come to our location or we could go to yours.

    Any advice would be very appreciated.


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    BLUF: thanks a bunch for caring for these wonderful companion animals in need!

    Although you obviously already have a car, IMHO a Prius Gen III or a Prius V with the sunroof/solar panel automatic vent fan might be a good fit for your rescue dog mission - perhaps without installing the Hot Dog contraption.