New Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

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    Oct 25, 2007
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    I just picked up the Fuel Max in the 195/60/15 size on Saturday. I now have about 700 miles on them (small road trip to Vegas a couple of days ago). I can say I'm thoroughly impressed with this tire. I've never been disappointed with the Integrity's as I live in AZ and it's dry, but this tire is night and day better. I managed 42k miles with the Integrity's as well which is higher than most get out of them.

    Road noise is considerably better. My wife commented while talking to me on my cell phone via the bluetooth that she hears less noise. You can tell a big difference switching lanes and going over the reflectors. With regards to performance, again a big improvement. I came home a couple days ago with a huge side wind the entire trip home and it was extremely stable. It wasn't all over the road like my previous tires. Yeah, it still moves around during a large gust, but no more than another passenger car. Before these tires the Prius was one of the worst vehicles I've owned to drive in cross winds. Keep in mind the slightly wider tire may be the main reason here.

    Now that the tires are a bit broken in I think the mileage will be at least the same as the Integrity. I saw about a 2-3mpg drop in town the hundred miles I drove on them before my road trip. This is normal for a new tire though which is why I think the mileage may be better than the integrity once fully broken in. During my road trip I got terrible mileage but then again on the open road I drive between 90-100.

    I've only had one day driving on them during my normal work commute and that was today. They appear to now be at least the same as the integrity. I stayed above 50mpg the entire trip into work with the exception for the initial 5 minutes during the warmup. During the next tank of fuel I'll be able to really tell the difference as I'll top off Monday morning before work. I typically average between 50-52mpg for any given tank during the work week.
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    Apr 15, 2007
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    I got a set of the FuelMax tires (OEM size) recently; the original Intregrities were pretty much gone after 24K.
    So far so good: they are a little quieter, more resistant to cross winds, the mph has slightly increased, and they are rated a little better on traction.
    Time will tell how long they will go, but the price was right on a warranty replacement from GoodYear.
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    Volt owners, including myself, have been pretty please with these tires. I've only used them a couple times on snow and several times on rain and they performed very well. I have them set to 40 lbs and the ride is still great (I think the sidewalls state about 50 max as I recall).

    "The science behind Goodyear’s innovative new Assurance Fuel Max tires with Tim Miller, Goodyear’s national fleet manager."

    2nd video here was pretty interesting:
    What is Rolling Resistance? | Kenwood Tire and Auto Service
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    Sep 26, 2010
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    I put these on my HCH2 and what a improvement in FE, handling, quiet, plus they did better than my winter tire's on ice and snow! I love these tires and they go on my 06 Prius when the integrity's wear out. Assurance F/M are light years ahead of the ome's. 51 psi cold pressure and good wear H89 I believe. Hal