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    So I bought the Prius about 6months ago it's a 2010 and everything seems to be the basic standard model. LVN in RN school full time so money(and time) is a factor but I have small upgrades I'd like with larger ones to hopefully compliment them later.
    1) I have 1 USB port under the bridge but I'd like to replace the center console aux to a usb so I can use it to play music from my iPhone 6. Or am I able to wire the under bridge one to actually work as the aux radio? Or would that be too labor intensive?
    2) in SoCal it gets insanely hot so I need a good front window sun shade but the standards are too small then fall and the SUV ones are too big and don't fit. Can the heat actually damage my dash components? I really like the Audi ones that are built in and you just pull & hook. Mainly bc it's less clutter & I can't loose or damage it but can't seem to find any like that for the Prius.
    3) with the heat my suction cup iPhone holder falls off the glass. I need my phone to be close to my line of sight but not on my vent or on the glass.
    4) to help keep the car cool I've been contemplating tinting my windows but would I have to remove the factory tint to then tint them again darker? I'm a red head so I fry instantly and my arms/face have been burning lately even with my daily 75+ SPF. Can I tint my front window or would that not be safe? I searched and saw mention a few different people that they tinted theirs.
    5) actual sun visors that replace the current ones and extend to block the sun on the side. I've bought some of those clip on, Velcro on, rubberband on but none seem to really work well.
    6) best hands free set up? I'd really like one that I can voice activate but not sure it wouldn't be redundant if next year I buy Nav that could likely have it

    1) Best navigation unit? I'd really like an in dash navigation preferably with Head Up Display and CarPlay. If there isn't any with both I'd prefer the Head Up Display but can you even buy an aftermarket Nav with HUD? I haven't had any luck finding them. If no HUD can anyone recommend good HUD Nav unit that is easily moved off the dash and not huge & bulky? Don't want to fry the thing in our 112° heat that can make the interior feel like you are climbing into fires of hell.
    2) charging mat for my iPhone. This one is iffy since I get each new version of the phone and I don't care to keep buying new expensive cases each time but hubby takes my old phone so at least the money isn't wasted.
    3) installing remote start. I checked and my car doesn't have it but I'd like one that works to the current remote. Called Toyota but they were less than helpful.

    Little side info... Hubby is an industrial electrician but not helpful whatsoever with my "projects." But generally if I pull everything apart and out he will come plug or hook up the wires then bails again. So the electrical I have as long as it isn't too labor intensive or complicated for me to open up. I changed out hubby's Silverado's side mirrors to turn signal mirrors but I couldn't finish installing the backup camera since the pulling apart then wiring up was slightly above my abilities with YouTube.
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    congrats, and welcome to priuschat! all the best with your mods.(y)