New here! What a great road trip machine

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    Jan 4, 2021
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    2010 Prius

    I enjoy working on my cars, but after driving my manual transmission 2005 Kia Spectra5 for 5 years I needed another hatchback that was better on fuel, more comfortable, inexpensive, had ice cold AC for the summer, and that could fit a lot of stuff for trips...

    I never thought I'd own a Prius but 6 months ago after a lot of research (much of it on this site) I purchased a 2010 Prius Five that had all the proper dealer maintenance history records with 120k miles from the second owner. All it needed was a set of tires and a trailer hitch for my bike rack.
    IMG_20200525_131233621_HDR.jpg IMG_20200603_201142435_HDR.jpg

    I drove it fully loaded with 4 people 3,500 miles round trip to Yellowstone NP and it was awesome. 44mpg, radar cruise control, heated seats, and a great sound system. The only cons so far are the small cup holders and that the sun visors don't extend..
    IMG_0721 2.jpeg

    It's so good, that my girlfriend recently bought a 2012 Prius II and I was able to install an after market reverse camera into her factory radio for $60.

    Thanks for reading. Looking forward to learning more about DIY maintenance and repairs!
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