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New Lexus Sub-Compact SUV to be BEV only

Discussion in 'Lexus Hybrids and EVs' started by drash, Jul 16, 2023.

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    レクサスコンパクトSUV2024年登場! しかもBEV専用!! レクサス最小のサイズとは? - 自動車情報誌「ベストカー」

    Bestcarweb.jp has a scoop on Lexus next compact SUV.

    Partial translation:
    "■B-segment compact SUV from Lexus
    Released in the fall of 2024 as the third Lexus BEV following the UX and RZ

    A B-segment compact SUV will appear in the fall of 2024.

     This is a BEV that uses the improved e-TNGA of the current bZ series, and is the smallest size model in the series. It has the atmosphere of a wagon crossover car rather than an SUV, but of course it has a luxurious feel suitable for the Lexus name. An ultra-luxury minivan, LM, is also scheduled to appear in the fall of 2023.

    A small luxury car/compact SUV that will appear as a BEV-only car (debuts in the fall of 2024)
    It will be a small luxury car recommended for downsizers
     The Lexus smallest SUV, which has been rumored for a long time, was originally planned to be based on Yaris, but the policy changed. It seems that it will appear in the fall of 2024 as a BEV-only model.

     A B-segment class wagon crossover, based on an evolved version of the e-TNGA used in the bZ4X. It debuts in an easy-to-use size of about 4300mm in length x 1750mm in width x 1550mm in height."

    With the rumored 4300mm (169.3 in.) in length and 1750 mm (68.9 in.) in width it'll be about the size of the older Lexus CT 200h. Height @1550mm (61.0 in) is higher than the Lexus 2023 UXh but lower than the Corolla Cross Hybrid. So far the only new trademark filed in Europe is for Lexus UX 300h and this isn't a hybrid. Lexus already has a UX 300e in Europe and the new sub-compact BEV will be smaller, so my guess is they'll reuse CT (Compact Touring) and name it CT 200e. Of course Lexus could file a trademark for a CZ 200e in the next couple of months since they have a bit of time until Fall 2024.