New Southern Indiana Prius Owner

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    An open letter to the New Southern Indiana Prius Owner I encountered today:


    I was trying to be helpful when I pointed out the low coolant level on your recent acquisition. It would behoove you to get the EGR cooler serviced very quickly. I know approximately how much you paid for your Prius, and it was too much. I had recently viewed that vehicle for sale in person with a friend, and we made the dealer an offer based on the work that I saw that it was requiring before winter sets in. The dealer was not hearing it. If you are lucky, your Prius will survive the winter. If not, you will probably pay the local salvage yard their full asking price for the lunar mile engine they have, and pay them to install it as well. This will make you have emptied your pocket twice for a car that was only worth 50% of what you paid for it. Maybe you paid for an extended warranty. Maybe they will cover all of your out of pocket except a nominal deductible. Maybe they decide that the failed head gasket is due to a lack of regular maintenance, therefore, not eligible for coverage. Either way, maybe you post your heartache on this board. Maybe not.

    I can tell you that I had done “some” Prius research before I bought mine. It wasn’t until after I got mine and the engine had failed that I did my due diligence. However, I can tell you that I don’t regret my decision to buy mine in the least. A part of me is “glad” the engine failed. It showed me what I am truly capable of when it comes to automotive repair. So if you are out there reading this, I’m sorry they took advantage of you with this car. You now have a choice to make. Be angry about it and post negative things in this forum. Or be angry, and turn this negative into a positive. Read all the Gen 3 maintenance forums, and do the maintenance yourself and make this the car you were looking for. An economical, reliable, safe mode of transport for you and yours.

    A Fellow Indiana Prius Owner.
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    This is why I will continue to contribute and participate in the wonderful PC community.
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