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    Nov 19, 2006
    Hi folks,

    I should be picking up my '07 HG Prius in a week. Still have a few dealership shenanigans to clear. I have some newbie questions (5 question limit observed). The * items are the searches I attempted on the board prior to posting:

    1. What happens if I'm driving 60 and I accidentally press the park button? Power button? Accidentally switch from "B" to "R"? Has anyone tried this?

    *"accidental switch" - returned error message
    *"bumbled the shifter" - returned error message

    2. Has anyone found a way or hacked their Prius to start the ICE upon command. I always warm up my car in the morning to have a nice warm car and a warmed up engine. I understand the Prius has a coffee thermos in it full of hot coolant but I've read that does not equate to a nice, warm Prius on a cold morning. I suspect a fully warmed up ICE would get better mileage and a 5 min warmup would not consume much fuel.

    *"start ICE upon command" - returned error message
    *"cold start ICE" - returned error message

    3. I have a GPS unit that I would like to mount. In my old car I found a good mounting point by drilling thru the steel frame of the center console. Where is a good location to mount a GPS in a Prius? Any pics? I also need to locate a 12v tap for the power.

    *"gps installation" - one result of a Garmin velcro job

    4. I would like to buy OEM parts like oil filters, etc., without getting ripped. In the past I've ordered from an online GM dealer out of Florida that sells parts at 10% over cost. Is there such a thing for Toyota?

    *"OEM parts at discount" - returned error message
    *"online parts" - returned six messages of little value
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Collin @ Nov 19 2006, 03:02 PM) [snapback]351765[/snapback]</div>
    the car gives you the vehicular version of a dirty look and scolding- that is, a beep, and does nothing. if you hold the power button down long enough to let the car know it's intentional you'll go into emergency shutdown.

    i don't think there's a remote start function, but there's an engine block heater that many have been using to speed up warmup. search "engine block heater" and you'll find many useful threads regarding use, installation, etc.

    sorry, no personal experience with portable gps units, i'm sure someone else can chime in though.

    metro toyota ( supplies parts at good prices, and has a good relationship with the prius community.
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    I lived through one and a half Fargo, North Dakota winters with the Prius. (About 25 North Dakota winters altogether.) Here's what you do:

    1. Get in the car and start it. The Engine will start up in about ten seconds. Always, unless you install an EV switch and tell it not to start. You need do nothing to force the engine to start.

    2. Turn on the heater, set it to the temperature you want, set it to recirculate, and open your prefered vents. The engine will continue to run without shutting off as long as it needs to produce heat to meet your requested cabin temperature.

    3. (There may be other ways to accomplish this step, but this was the method I used:) Separate the mechanical key from the fob. Leave the fob in the car, get out, and lock the car with the mechanical key.

    4. Go back to your house and have a cup of coffee.

    5. Return to the car, open it with the mechanical key, get in, and drive. If it has not warmed up enough to suit you, drink your coffee slower the next time.

    PLEASE NOTE: With the Prius the ONLY reason for pre-heating as above is to get heat into the cabin. The engine itself does not require or even want pre-heating before you drive it. Old engines, decades ago, needed warming up. Modern engines do not. And the Prius even less.

    Regarding the GPS, my Garmin Street Pilot has a bean-bag mount. It sits on the dash and I didn't have to drill any holes.

    Note: with the engine running, the SKS door-lock button will not lock the door. But you may be able to take the whole fob with you and use the fob's Lock button. This thought occured to me, but I never tried it, for some reason.
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    Mar 2, 2006
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Collin @ Nov 19 2006, 02:02 PM) [snapback]351765[/snapback]</div>
    Like other cars, you can't shift into reverse when driving forward (other cars you physically can't do it, the Prius just beeps at you and says no). Likewise, the park button won't do anything if you're going above a maximum speed (like 1-2mph). It's just like a regular car, except it's a button and not a shifter position.

    As for the power button, a quick press when you're moving won't do anything. Holding it down longer will go into emergency shutdown as Galaxee said, which means that it shifts into neutral and turns off, letting you guide the car where you want.

    Last time i was at the dealer, i grabbed one of their extras sheet for the Prius, and it had a remote start key fob pictured, so i think you can get one with the 2007's.

    I don't believe there's any way to force the ICE to run during a warm up like you're describing. if you set the cabin temperature to what you want, the ICE will run if it's needed to provide heat to the cabin. Don't worry about warming up the engine, though - it's much better to actually be driving right from the get-go, from a mileage point of view. (trust me, this point has been debated to death)

    I've seen several pictures where people have mounted in various locations. part of it depends on the size of the unit. There's an area between the center console and the dash down by the floor that would be perfect, but it is a little low to be looking at the map constantly. Other people have mounted things in front of the little window on the drivers side (there's a tiny little window between the tweeter and the pillar) - if it's allowable size wise (doesn't obstruct view), that would be almost perfect, because the map would be in your line of sight when driving.

    Like Galaxee said, try Metro (represented on the board here by member Metro) - they've got good prices and have been a part of the community for quite a while.

    It sounds like you may have a few more questions... don't be shy! You'll find we aren't much for limits and such here - you post a list of questions, they'll get answered in a reasonable manor, for the most part. Welcome!
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    Unfortunately, the search engine here isn't too good with phrases,
    or I just haven't found the proper format to ask for either phrase
    or "all of these words present" searches. There's a ton of knowledge
    in the board archives that likely answers all the questions, but it's
    unclear how to pinpoint it like you wanted it quickly without fairly
    exhaustive search.
    But hopefully the *people* are being an equivalent resource!
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Collin @ Nov 19 2006, 02:02 PM) [snapback]351765[/snapback]</div>
    I've had problems with the local search feature too, particularly matching multiple words. Google has a feature where you can limit the search to a particular domain (forget the syntax for that right now), that might be useful.

    What is the model number for HG? What my dealer called a GY is normally called package 1. PriusChat users tend to use the model number, not the two-letter code. As you probably know, some packages include a DVD-navigation system built into the MFD, so you wouldn't need your external GPS unit (unless it has features you like and you know they aren't in the Prius model).
    Since it rarely gets below freezing in Fort Worth (I used to live a little east of Dallas), it shouldn't take too long for it to warm up. You've been wasting a lot of gas in the past with this practice, so you should like the results in the Prius. Simply set the auto-temperature control when you get the car to the level you want and forget it. When it warms up enough, the ICE will turn itself off until you actually start driving. As others have hinted at however, this will reduce your gas mileage, perhaps considerably (low 40s?), depending on the ratio of this warm-up time to the length of your commute. When spring comes you'll want to change the auto-setting as it will become the A/C temperature. Or you can turn that off and control it manually.
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    I'd like to reiterate that if you need/want the cabin warm and can't wait a few minutes during normal driving for that to occur then you should seriously consider an Engine Block heater. It pre-warms the ICE for you and you'll have nearly instant heat available when you start driving. The advantage being you don't waste gas or produce unnecessary emissions by running the car while not going anywhere.

    On those days you feel you must pre-run the car to warm the cabin then set the temp to MAX'll run the fan full blast, use the electric heaters under the seat, and force the ICE to run almost constantly. Hit the front 'Defrost' and the ICE won't shut off for a long long time. This will devestate your gas mileage, but it'll be toasty when you get in.
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(nerfer @ Nov 20 2006, 08:23 AM) [snapback]352099[/snapback]</div>
    the syntax is (don't put quotes around your searches in google unless you want an exact phrase)
    example Block heater