No Heating or Cooling on the passenger side, help appreciated

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    May 22, 2019
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    2015 Prius
    i have a 2015 gen3 prius II and over the winter I did not have heat on the passenger side and I was thinking about a blocked heater core and was planning to flush it once the weather got warmer. Once the weather got warmer I tried to use the AC and now there is no cold air coming from the same passenger side. I noticed this towards the end of the summer. The drain pipe on that side was clogged and was dripping water to the floor on passenger side. I removed the little rubber pipe and cleaned it and by the time i did this it was cold and I thought this was the issue and did not get a chance to test it. Now summer is back again and no AC on that side. Last year I had some work done on the front dashboard relating to the airbag. Is there a damper somewhere inside that is used to control dual zone climate that might have been stuck? Looking forward to guidance and some clues and any help is appreciated. Thanks.