No keys!! Key lock KIT to make car run again?

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    Jun 9, 2019
    2008 Prius
    Hello guys,

    i just introduced myself.
    I've a 2008 prius that was stolen 2 years ago and appeared last week.
    I've no keys of the car (they were lost on my house moving).
    Went to toyota with the VIN code and the car documents and they told me that would be about 1000€ to make new keys, replace the immobilizer and program the new stuff together.

    Now, my question is, i can by on eBay the all kit from a totaled car from 150/200€, my question is if anyone knows if it's all plug&play to switch all the bits and make the car run again.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    Horrible idea to attempt to buy used parts off fleaBay. You would have to swap out a few ECUs, and parts. ALSO, the SKS that they give you, had better come from the same donor car all these parts are coming from, and was working before you took posession. You would NOT know if anything works until installing the fleaBay parts. If it doesn't work, you will have wasted money.

    Two NEW SKS fobs and a simple RESET and RESEED procedure is all that should be required. There should be no need to replace the immobilizer. RESET will clear the car of the lost SKS fobs. RESEED will allow the new SKS fobs to be fully programed and fully functional for you SKS Prius.

    Price shop your various Toyota dealerships:
    Two new SKS fobs; I don't know if Europe SKS fobs are different from USA SKS fobs (possibly different frequencies).
    RESET and RESEED procedure.

    My guess is new SKS Fobs might run $100-$150/ea. RESET & RESEED might run $200-$400.​
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