November 21 Madison Hybrid Group meeting. 10:00 - Noon

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    Hello Madison Hybrid Group members and friends,
    Time once again for the Madison Hybrid Group meeting!
    We will be meeting the THIRD Saturday of the month this time.


    NEXT Saturday, November 21

    10:00pm - noon

    - We'll talk about the latest hybrid and green vehicle news
    - Feedback on the 2kwh Enginer PHEV system that i installed in my Honda Insight.
    - Update on Green Drive Expo 2010 - Madison
    - Announcement of a second Green Drive Expo on the West coast
    - The status of plugging in around Madison
    - 2010 Prius feedback

    We'd like to hear about people's mpg stats, so if you have stats to share, please bring them to the meeting including info on your typical commute/route.

    As always bring any other questions and ideas.

    We'll meet at the usual place,

    Smart Motors at 5901 Odana Rd. in Madison.

    Drive in the main entrance (at the stoplights) and you'll see our designated parking area straight ahead against the Beltline side of the parking lot.

    Saturday is a regular sales day for the dealership, and they would like to set aside a parking area for our club, so please reply to this email or call me letting me know if you will be coming so that we have enough spaces. Thanks!

    We look forward to seeing you there!!

    The Madison Hybrid Group generally meets the second Saturday of the odd numbered months.
    Next Meetings:
    - January 9, 2010
    - March 13, 2010

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