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    next chapter.
    after getting the shift lever to work by lubricating with WD-40 I took it out for a ride around the neighborhood to see if the car would throw any codes. I have the scanguage II plugged in and monitoring SOC, BTV, RPM and engine temp. Car seemed to drive OK but the temp started climbing so I headed back home. Needless to say, it need about 3/4 of a gallon of antifreeze. Once I had topped of the radiator I attempted to start the car. It would - a couple times spin up and the engine would start and a couple of times it wouldn't spin up at all just clunk, clunk and stop. It threw a 3191 code but no others that the scangauge caught. I'd clear the code and got the maybe yes, maybe no starting.

    So I called it a night and came back to Prius Chat and my shop manual to see what to do about the 3191. After culling through lots of great information I came up with this plan of action.
    The car has 184K.
    1) Checking the oil I discovered it had over 4 quarts! (when I drained it out). So I changed he oil this morning put in a new filter and filled with about 3.5 quarts of Mobile 1 10/30.
    2) Given that much over fill the next thing will be to clean the MAP and the throttle body.
    3) I went ahead and ordered a set of new Denso plugs SK1R611 on Amazon for less than $30. I discovered that NGK no longer lists the IFR5A11. At the NGK website it told me IFR5t11 fits. They'll arrive Monday or Tuesday
    4) Checked the 12volt battery. It looks to be from a golf cart and it was showing 11.6 when I checked it from the MFD test program. So I've ordered the ELearnaid Optima replacement kit.

    Once I get this all done, I 'll post another update.

    Something I'm watching! I started the car a couple of times this afternoon. As happened yesterday, it did spin up and the ICE ran for 10-20 seconds and then it quit and threw the 3191 code. Now though, I can smell gas almost like it is flooding.

    Again thanks to all the Prius folk who help each other out. You know who your are!

    Ed in Albuquerque
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    It isn't running, just spinning the engine. If you are lucky, the ignition is not working but it sounds as if some valves might have seized in the initial run. I suspect you'll find the exhaust manifold remains cold . . . no combustion.

    Be careful with subsequent attempts to start as it is drawing down the traction battery. Having to charge it externally is not trivial.

    Bob Wilson
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    you dont think that maybe with the oil being overfilled that much that the oil is pooled up in the intake and is causing the engine to not fire because there is alot laying in there?