Observation during firts few days of ownership...

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    2012 Prius v wagon
    On my v2 - which I superstitiously took delivery of on Friday the 13th... I first off am happy to say I broke the 50mpg barrier on the way to work this morning. that was displayed ... as I'm still on the first tank - but i did reset to 0 at purchase....

    Anywho - on the way to work this morning - I ran the headlights - and noticed something a bit unusual... waiting for more opportunities to try and replicate... here's what happen.

    turned on headlights - and set dimmer to where I wanted the dash backlighting to be ...
    as the sun came up - and the ambient light got brighter -- at a couple spots on my way to work the dash lights went full bright. it only went back to dark once - as I recall going through an area with woods on both sides of road... as I came into the open - the dash lighting went full bright again.

    I found it a bit odd that the car has no auto headlights, no drl function, but still has the light sensor and apparently overrides the interior dimmer when the ambient lighting is seen as brighter than the interior???

    Still reading through the manuals - but didn't come across anything like that in the manual so far.