One Year of Ownership MPG

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    Jan 29, 2017
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    Background: I've owned my car for one year now. I have 117k miles and have put 24k miles on the car in my year of ownership. I have changed the transmission fluid at 96k, engine oil and filter a couple times with 0w-20 every 10k, replaced the air filter and clean it regulary, changed my engine coolant, and rotated the tires. So A+ maintenance and no CEL or problems. Besides taking out some trim pieces and a passenger mirror and wiper delete the vehicle is basically as came from the factory (besides the car just has bare 15" wheels).
    I regularly drive with 45 psi in my tires. I average 43 mpg hwy when warm and 39 mpg when cold (70 mph indicated). 45 mph City mileage If I drive normal with Eco in mind I can get about 48 mpg when warm, and 51 mpg if I really try per tank. In Cold city mileage I average 42 low -44 high mpg. I always assumed people averaging 50-60-70 just only took long 50 mph trips and weren't really normal, but after looking at this video do people really achieve these FE numbers at speed?? I even do all the prius hypermile tricks... :O

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