P0138 and P0607 Codes (2012 Prius, 65k)

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    Mar 31, 2019
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    Hi everyone,

    I just drove my newly purchased 2012 Prius with (now) about 65k miles across the country, running absolutely fine with speeds upwards of 80mph through South Dakota. No problem whatsoever, until just a couple of days ago when the check engine light came on.

    I haven't owned a car for many years, and this is my first Prius so, of course, I was/am super worried. I've driven it since around town in Mobile, AL and have absolutely no problems. The light has turned off at times, and on at times. I was running an OBD2 scanner that I got today and while sitting in "ON" mode, the check engine light came on after a few minutes again. After having the auto parts store run their scanner, and initially just getting the 0607 code, it had turned off, and has since then intermittently come on and off.

    I've asked some Prius owner friends in a fb prius group about it, and they've given some advice, but I'm basically just very ignorant with cars and have absolutely no idea how to proceed, or if I should just bite the bullet and take it to a Toyota service center. In essence, I don't know how serious this is (as the car is running with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary besides that annoying little yellow light on the dash) and how to proceed.

    I'm attaching a couple of screenshots with the codes.
    Thank you! P0138.png P0607.png