P0A80 code after sitting for a month?

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    Hi all. I have a 2006 model with around 150,000 miles. I am a newbie and made the mistake of letting my Prius run out of gas. My gas hand doesn't work and even after filling it up after about 100 miles it reads empty again. The car wouldn't start even after putting gas in it. It sit for a month before I did some research and left the 12v unhooked for a bit and put more gas in the car and it finally started. I was unaware that of that the Prius has a fit if it runs out of gas haha. I took it down the road earlier today and everything was fine. I stopped to fill it the rest of the way up with gas. As soon as I was pulling out of the gas station just about every light on the dash came on, including the red triangle of death. It was running fine and the hybrid battery was charging as it was supposed to. No signs of a failing hybrid battery. And the fan in the back wasn't running. I brought it home and plugged it into my code reader and it's giving the dreaded P0A80 code. My car was fine before I had the unfortunate running out of gas experience. And the dealer told me the hybrid battery had been replaced very recently when I bought it. After a month of worrying about the cost of repair and then getting relief when I discovered it was out of gas and needed reset, it quickly went from best case scenario to worst. I'm still baffled as to why this is happening when the car is showing no signs of hybrid battery failure? I had another 06 before this one and only had for 5 months before I had to replace the hybrid battery. To make matter worse, I only had the car for another 4 months before someone hit me and the car was totaled. I'm not sure I can afford to put a new battery in this thing of if I even want to? I am tempted just to go out and get a different vehicle. But before I jump to that decision, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what could be wrong? Could it just be a fluke? Is it possible that my car sitting for a month killed my hybrid battery? All I can see is a lot of dollar signs in my future.

    I would also like to mention that I know nothing about replacing individual cells and would have to drive hours for someone to do that for me.
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    You mention a 'new' battery a few times, does this mean a Toyota OEM new battery or a remanufacture/reconditioned/rebuilt secondhand battery?

    If it is truly a new OEM battery I'd be inclined to give the HV (hybrid vehicle) battery a round of reconditioning charge/discharge cycles. At the very least, clear the P0A80 and then do some forced charges to get the battery up to 80% charge (all green bars).

    If it is a secondhand battery you might want to get a BT OBDII reader and the Dr. Prius or Hybrid Assistant app and do some diagnostics to see what the real state of your battery is.
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