P3006 new code on 2002 prius

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    Got that code along with check engine light. In the past I only got P3000, B2799, and P3009 when it was warm weather (consistently for about 2-3 years). Those would go away on their own, but this is the first time I got that 3006. I cleared it and restarted the car. Did not drive far, but it has not come back in that short period of time. Thoughts?

    Can I live with this? What will happen if I keep driving it? Just worse MPG or will it stall or fail to start?

    I read the P3006 code is just a point at which one or more of the cells differed from other cells by more than a certain threshold, suggesting it's not a catastrophic event that occurred but a point in time when the pack reached a "milestone" of deterioration. I also saw comments saying you can drive, but MPG will be worse, which is not that big a deal. Been getting over 40 MPG on short winter drives.

    I have noticed in the past few weeks once or twice that the car doesn't accelerate right away (1 second delay), so if that's all the trouble + a little lower MPG, then I suppose it isn't terrible?
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