Parking brake, ABS, ((!)) lights on, tried a few diff. things

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    Apr 30, 2018
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    Hey y'all,

    Know this is an oft-reported issue but have tried a few things and thought I might get some constructive feedback here.

    Was on a ski trip in Quebec last week, for a couple days in a row while driving slowly (maybe under 20 mph), heard a super loud bang and jolt like we'd run over a rock. I think maybe now it was the ABS system locking up the wheel suddenly when it shouldn't have?

    On our drive home, ABS, ((!)), and Parking Brake lights all come on. ABS stops working, I am fairly certain the regenerative brake system stopped working too -- just stopping on the disc brakes now.

    Ran the ODB scanner, no codes showing up. Used a jumper wire to connect ports 5 & 13, got the car computer to pop up, EMV & G/W Okay, Audio and CD listing "NCON". Using this approach did not get the lights to turn off. Saw the ((!)) and ABS lights flashing a pattern, but couldn't find a resource for turning those blinks into a code.

    Took it into the shop, told me I needed a new battery b/c the charge was too low. I got a Toyota OEM battery and lights still showing, issue is still present.

    I am thinking with the banging we were experiencing before, it is an ABS sensor in one of the rear wheels or a solenoid issue?

    Does this sound accurate? Would an Autozone have a better ODB scanner than the Car Scanner app I'm currently using?

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