For Sale Plug-in-Prius! 40 mile range! RARE!

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    Waiting on a PiP or considering one but want more range?

    I am considering selling my one-of-a-kind 2008 Plug-in Prius with 30k miles in great shape. I would be selling the system as described in this post. It includes the 864 cell A123 pack, charger, BMS, custom battery ECU, high-speed EV capability, etc. The pack alone is worth over $10k and is in perfect health.

    The car will do full EV mode at any speed, and has roughly a 40 mile all-electric range city and 20 mile highway with normal driving. Full manual control of when the engine is allowed to run.

    Has HID, Nav, Bluetooth, Many many custom mods (see my posts), new Optima 12v battery, upgraded stereo with subwoofer, and LED lighting mods throughout.

    The book value of the car alone is around $17k, so the lowest offer I'll consider selling for is $25k.

    Now that I have a Leaf and a range-extender, I no longer need my Prius, and it's sad to see it sit unused when it could be giving someone many low-cost EV miles!

    Best offer takes it! Buyer is responsible for pickup here in Berkeley, CA. I can demonstrate the car and offer test drives by appointment almost any time.

    Pictures to come soon.

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