Pop-up off settings; need some insight

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    I'm slowly making my way through the manual. I am confused about what some of these settings mean:

    Navigation - ok, I haven't used nav yet, but I'm assuming that you get popus for turn by turn directions.
    Instrument Panel Light - What is this; as a popu I mean? Also, saw another one that said turn off instrument panel? I wanted to try it, but then was like "how would I get it back on?"
    Climate Settings - isn't this on the 11" screen? didn't notice a popup
    Cruise Control - Ok, does this get rid of the "use only on expressway" and diagram explaining usage, or does it get rid of the one that pops up when I set it or when it loses the vehicle in front? (the former are redundant, the latter are actually useful).
    Hud settings - I've got nothing. What is this referring to? I have a HUD, I can change the HUD settings under the gear icon in MID. What popup?
    Driving mode select - ok this is the eco/normal/power one
    Multimedia menu - changing the audio source I'm assuming
    Traction battery cooler - is the "allow cooling while charging" popup at the end? if so, then does it remember your last setting? Yes, just cool the battery as needed. Cool battery is a safety issue. My garage is HOT. Stop asking me!~
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    It's just for popups on the multi information display.

    Nav: when a turn comes. It'll popup
    IPL: As you adjust brightness, you'll see a popup
    Climate settings: unsure, I haven't used the AC much
    Cruise: It shows a diagram of how the stalk works when you turn it on
    HUD: popup of HUD height/ brightness when you press the physical HUD button

    Not too sure about the rest
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    I find those "pop-up" on the MID to be very obnoxious and mostly useless. They often pop-up and block the view of the information I want to check. Thus I have every one of those turned off, but still get plenty of pop-up that I have no control.

    Edit: I did keep the traction battery cooler pop-up ON for obvious reason. I don't see those pop-up often, but AFAIK, it does not remember your last response. It has to be checked "YES" each time, but default is always "NO". This should not need any pop-up and should default to Cooler ON without any notice. But smart engineers of Toyota thought it has to be OK'ed by driver each time. I don't know why.
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