Prius 2004 All Keys Lost Reprogrammed

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    Sep 15, 2015
    2008 Prius
    After losing all her keys, my daughter's 2004 was dead with a depleted aux battery. Logically it should not be possible to buy a (CK-100) Key Programmer from Amazon or Ebay then erase all keys from the immobilizer through the OBD scanner port and then have another key from a different vehicle start the car. Somehow I got past the "insert key and turn on console" step by inserting my own key from a 2008, pressing the start button then other keys on the programmer. It began communicating with the ECU and 15 minutes late, I was entering random registration information and when I pressed start, it did. The Auto Club driver was holding the battery jumper cables on the fusebox for the whole process and he was surprised that this worked at all. The security light was flashing red but we drove the car, filled it with gas then I started it with my other 2008 key and at some point, the red flashing antitheft light went out as if all was normal. This may have been a one-off event with some malfunction of the immobilizer lockout, but this one time it did work. Results not guaranteed and damage may occur to the immobilizer and to the programmer.