Prius 2017 upgrade head-unit to RAV4 (with android auto)

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    Hy peeps :)

    So after a failed attempt to use a dasaita unit, all features worked except GPS and DAB antennas witch was a deal breaker for me.
    Now I found a "guy" that said he is able to install a OEM 2019 RAV4 unit (with android auto and carplay) in my 2017 Prius the unit also includes DAB and hopefully GPS (unclear on that).
    Is there anyone that performed this kind of "upgrade"?
    This option has the appeal of using OEM Toyota parts, and less adapters (hope there will be none required) plus keeping the OEM antennas.
    Hoping that it will not be considered publicity since I'm IN NO WAY affiliated with him here is the website link : Toyota Touch 3 retrofit kit whit CarPlay and Android-Auto for Auris, Corolla and Prius 2015-2018 - Autoextra

    The back of my unit looks like :
    As i can see on youtube the RAV4 unit is something like this for the non GPS model (I guess since there is no GPS antenna port ... )

    Or like this for a GPS and DAB unit ( help on what the blue port is for :| )

    Any ideas or information are highly appreciated :D

    P.S. The dasaita head-unit was installed in a 2016 Toyota auris (corola in us, i think) and works without any issues, GPS antenna was not an issue since the car had no factory gps system.