Prius C one /base android 8.0 HU xtrons

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    hello everyone
    so I finally broke down and bought a android head unit few months ago to install in my sister prius C ;) guinea pig before doing to my own car.. long story short
    bought a Xtrons from amazon with android 8.0

    head unit:


    so about 2 weeks I build up courage and start soldering

    and today I set myself up to take apart the dash and run backup camera wire + extra wire to keep camera alive and recording while driving.
    which was extremely easy by the way taking apart the dash and running cable....
    "I thought it was going to be a nightmare"

    wires are set camera is not yet install run out of daylight ;)

    but issue I'm having is only getting sound out of the front speakers aside from that everything looks good so far.... looks like the wires for back door speakers are missing from the factory cables "1 white wire" an issue I would have to revisit tomorrow...
    Harmony-Audio-HA-701761-Toyota-Factory-to-Aftermarket-Radio-Harness-detailed-image-1.png 20180525_190522.jpg

    I follow the instructions from the "Harness Adapter bag color matching" to find out there missing on factory harness.....

    20180525_190926.jpg 20180525_190938.jpg
    I can only assume if anyone can tell me if there in the second large connector... second pic above that it's not been used.
    front and back of the connector
    20180525_191142.jpg 20180525_191146.jpg


    while leaving this problem behind for the time been decided to focus on running the GPS and microphone cables which was easy as pie I may add...

    and put everything back together for next day backup camera install.. she's taking her daughter on trip hopefully they come back early..
    20180525_190041.jpg 20180525_223042.jpg

    camera wiring and install is still on my to do list but

    gps and wifi ,bluetooth are working fine had bit of trouble because of playstore my unit been uncertified but fix that by submitting my google ID certificate

    only problem will be the rear speakers so far hopefully the backup camera is problem free....

    can anyone help me with rear speaker issues .... guess is possible that it may not have come with rear speakers I will take apart the door tomorrow or hook up the stock radio and see if i get sound back there definitely speaker grills back there weird.....
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    May 12, 2018
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    I'm pretty sure the one trim does not include rear speakers. i can confirm that the rear speaker wiring is NOT in the same connector as the front speaker wiring. It's a similar connector type, but with fewer pins.