Prius drinking game !

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    Nov 30, 2018
    2014 Prius
    OK just a silly thread, but this appeals when there's a party on and a responsible sober adult is nearby.
    ^ biggest caveat !

    You know how some car owners sit down in a chair, wine glass in hand and admire their cars?
    Well, some may say that we're a little challenged for that exotic sports car pastime.
    However.... :cool:
    The other night I locked the car in the driveway and walked away.
    Forgot something and walked back over.
    The interior lights came on at what I thought was over 5ft away.
    So, the idea, is to walk out to the driveway, with a buddy, 2 shot glasses and a bottle of something strong.
    Stand with the friend at a 'safe' range, with the car key in hand.
    Bet on a distance to move forwards. 1 step = 1 filled shot glass.
    See if the interior lights come on.
    If the lights don't come on, he has to drink the number of shots.
    He then takes a turn, stands to your side, car key in hand.
    The 'Winner' is the one who doesn't cause the lights to switch on, the loser may be denoted by being sprawled in a mess on the hood singing Christmas songs.