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    It's an EPIC few weeks for Toyota. March is going to be a most memorable month. The Toyota Family is getting started. Prius hatchback here, Prius v wagons here, Prius c - the baby of the family arriving March 5th, and Prius Plug In Hybrids arriving early next week.

    I did a count on my inventory sheet of Prius units as gas hits $4.20 a gallon here. Of the almost 800 vehicles we show in inventory on ground, incoming, and ready to ship/build, 236 are some form of Prius! Oh how times have changed. 54 are regular Prius hatchbacks, 22 are Prius v wagons, 13 are Prius c, and the other 147 are priority pre-ordered PHEV Plug INs. It's stunning to see 1/3rd my entire dealership's inventory as some form of hybrid (I left off 11 Camry hybrids and 2 Highlander hybrids here too)

    When I came back to this dealership a year ago (after a 4 year hiatus elsewhere), back to Carson which was previously my home for ten years, I walked in to 8 Prius here in stock .... and a whole lot of work to do to get us more. Not too long after that, there was an earthquake in Japan and you probably recall the rest. Challenges to get cars everywhere.

    Thank you to everyone who's gotten their car thru me, because it's taken a group effort to build this Hybrid Empire. You helping me turn the cars quickly, and earning more. Thank you.

    If you happen to be seeking out ANY Toyota, even a non-hybrid, and buying it in CA makes sense, just email me. I can provide a fair deal, and no nonsense.
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    (I have no ties to Diane and have never had the opportunity to buy a car from her)

    We are not always good about 'Thank You's or saying 'You are great' here on PriusChat. But we are very good at whining when something is not right. No one whines about Diane Whitmire. No unhappy customers is a great testament.
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    My experience was a fair deal and no nonsense. :) As others have mentioned, you can probably do better with a little (or a lot) more effort. Some people enjoy the challenge, I'm not one of them. I'm also happy to support her efforts, and the efforts of everyone else, here at PC.

    Thanks Dianne!
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