For Sale Prius Gen2 Headlights- HID to Halogen Conversion

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    Nov 9, 2018
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    2007 Prius
    Those interested in a HID to Halogen headlight conversion:

    Price negotiable based upon what parts and/or labor you want to supply. Least costly route (to you) is whereby I supply the control module and wiring diagram, and you take it from there.
    Per Light:
    • $100- Control module and wiring diagram only
    • $185- I complete install after you purchase and install headlight including halogen bulb
    • $350- I complete install after you move bumper out of the way enough to access existing headlight removal
    Existing connectors and wires remain un-tampered, which allows switching back to an HID headlight possible. Parking and turn signal sockets and bulbs are reused.

    Hit the "Start a New Conversation" to message me if interested. (Been running mine as such for 4 mo's. I wanted clean/clear headlight lenses, so it was perfect timing. No more tricky high voltage ballast-bulb filament games...)
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