Prius is female

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    May 18, 2004
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    Some cars are male, some are female, some nutral and others...well. I have come to the coclusion that the Prius is Female. Heres why.

    1. You can ask a woman to do something and she will often do something completly different. Often the Voice command system does something totally different to that requested.

    2. Most women cant read maps and cant find a direct route from A to B. Often the navigation systems goes out of its way to take you on an indirect route.

    3. Give a woman 2 new dresses, she cant make up her mind which to use. The Prius has 2 motors and also cant decide which to use.

    4. Womens handbags are full of storage places hidden away in strange places. The Prius has lots of storage places hiden away in strange places.

    5. As soon as they get home women are on the phone. As soon as you get into the Prius, it connects to the phone.

    6. Women tend to break down in tears without warning. The prius has been know to break down without warning.

    7. Women need a lot of TLC once they have broken down to return to normal. The Prius needs to have its start button stroked several times after a breakdown to return to normal.

    8. Women give confusing messages at times. The Prius displays confusing warning lights at times.

    9. Women cost a lot to keep. The prius costs a lot to buy.

    10 Both women and the Prius can be fun :wink: