Prius Prime Premium Stereo Upgrade

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    Thought I would share my experience:

    Used a 5 channel amp - Alpine MRV - V500
    JL Audio C2 - 3.5" speakers (4ohm)
    Alpine s-s65 6 1/2 coaxial speakers (4ohm)
    JL Audio 8" ported Micosub (4ohm)

    The front speakers are run in parallel (this is stock) - meaning the with the Alpine 6.5s and JL 3.5's its showing a 2ohm load to the amp, not a 4ohm one. At 2ohm the Alpine MRV puts out about 60 watts RMS (At a 4ohm load amp puts out 40 watts per channel). I needed to put a bass blocker on the 3.5" JLs because they were distorting (cutoff below 2.3khz.) The JL sub is small enough to fit in the back trunk (~10.5" x 6), its receiving 150 watts.

    I have the 6.5s cut off at 160hz and the sub is crossed at 80hz.

    Everything sounds really clean, could be a little louder but the speakers have a low sensitivity rating. Some rap songs do bottom out, but its only at a few impactful moments in a song. R&B, Jazz, Rock - all sound great - great depth, very dynamic, a little tad on the bright side because I'm using coaxials.

    All the best.

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