Prius v Pre-Collision System - Differences in IIHS Ratings

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    Not sure if anyone noticed, but IIHS recorded a different result when it tested the pre-refreshed Prius v with PCS (Prius v Five w/ ATP) and the 2015 Prius v Five ATP.

    Vehicle details

    If you click on Front Crash Prevention near the bottom left of the page, you'll expand the details on the IIHS' rating on the PCS. It reduced the speed at 12mph by 9 mph for 1 point (10mph would've given it 2 points) and at the 25mph test, the speed was reduced by 7mph for 1 point. The 2013-2014 Prius v that they tested with PCS did not qualify for some reason. It didn't meet the criteria for forward collision warning and it only reduced the speed by 1mph and 2mph in the 12mph & 25mph speed test respectively. This basically means the warning and response of the PCS was too late.

    Oddly enough, the same system on the Prius Liftback only slowed it down by 5mph and 4mph respectively based on a late 2013 model.
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