For Sale REAR pair of genuine weatherstrip seals (67857-40010 and 67858-40010)

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    Jan 25, 2016
    Corona, CA
    2007 Prius
    Selling a REAR pair of genuine Toyota weatherstrip seals (67857-40010 and 67858-40010)
    These should fit the Prius years 2004+
    Cannot be purchased in the states. Has been imported from Toyota in Japan.
    Increases aesthetic appeal.
    Reduces door closing noise and road wind noise.
    Reduces door dam dust.
    To apply wash your car and wipe down jam area. You can use Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove wax contaminants. Make sure the area is not waxed, clean, and dry for the double sided tape.
    This is a "one time" application. Once the double sided foam tape sticks to the paint, it is very difficult to remove without ruining the tape and possibly ruining the weatherstrip.
    So take your time applying the seals. Do not remove red protective backing all at once, or else you will find yourself in a sticky situation. Remove in small sections at a time.
    Like all black plastic and rubber, avoid contact with wax. I personally use Turtle Wax "Wax & Dry" and "Express Shine" to keep my car waxed. It does not whiten plastic or rubber.
    Let me know if you have any questions. All sales final.

    $32 shipped for 1 pair. send me a PM if interested.