For Sale Rear Subframe Brace for 2016+ Prius

Discussion in 'Private Sales' started by jteran5, May 12, 2022.

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    Nov 4, 2019
    2019 Prius
    XLE AWD-e
    Fully functional just not that great cosmetically.

    I used it for a little over a year but this would rub on the rear bolts that hold the motor for the AWD system. It just drove me crazy and can't take it anymore. Tried to wrap it with some cushion but it still rubbed through and makes ever so slight contact.. Pic shows residual glue in the center with slight marks of the bolt heads.

    I think the price new after shipping is around 140 or so and I'm selling for $80 shipped (includes pp fees). Email me at jteran12 @gmail (dot) com if you're interested

    Link to the product :

    This will not work with the AWD models unless you are okay with a banging/clunking sound when moving from a stop. After that, it's silent. Unsure if it fits the prime IMG_20220512_163707.jpeg IMG_20220512_163716.jpeg IMG_20220512_163721.jpeg IMG_20220512_163744.jpeg IMG_20220512_163737.jpeg

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