Recommend tools for 120k service

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Care, Maintenance & Troubleshooting' started by FatHornet, Jan 25, 2018.

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    Jan 25, 2018
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    2011 Prius
    Hello everyone, I'll start by thanking this forum for all the helped I've already received for my Prius. I replaced my fender liner yesterday with your help.

    My 2011 Prius is nearing the 120k mark and I'm going to DIY since the dealer quote was too much for me. I'm going to do the spark plugs, air filters, engine and inverter coolant, and an oil change. I have never done this type of automotive service before but I did just watch all the Nuts n' Bolts videos. It honestly doesn't look too complicated but as a first-timer I'm sure it will take some time.

    What garage equipment and tools do you use? I need jack stands/ramps, socket & ratchet set, oil filter tool, creeper/mat and probably more. I found all the parts required and it's coming to a total of $138 which is huge savings over the dealer. Even with purchasing new tools and equipment I come out ahead of the dealer. My driveway is on an incline so detail on what to do with propping the car up is greatly appreciated.