Relocating/replacing Hymotion Switch/LED

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    Howdy again! :D
    I plan on using this thread as a log of how I'm changing the switch and LED which came with my Hymotion kit. I was inspired by Daox's thread... my project will be far less interesting.

    So ever since I got my Hymotion Prius it's seemed like the indicator LED and the toggle switch were awkwardly placed. Where they are now, they are not visible from the drivers position unless I really stretch sideways to look for them. I'd much prefer them to be in my peripheral vision so I can just glance at them (like the MFD for my current fuel consumption). I spoke to one of the A123 techs while I got the most recent firmware upgrade, and he said the wiring was long enough to move the LED and switch to the upper dash. Ripping things apart confirms that they are.

    Here's a pic of the piece... and my sons tuque... and his shoe... and my steps:

    Anyway, my plan is to replace the toggle switch, and add a second switch to control when the L5 automatically engages EV mode. Here is my wiring diagram:

    I've done a tear-down to check all the wiring; it's all where I expected it to be. A123 favours using small wired clips, so moving this stuff is as simple as drilling new holes, un-clipping and re-clipping the LED and Switch. Even better, is that adding my auto-EV-mode cutoff switch is as easy as just plugging-in my new switch between with the same clips (which he have in spades at work).

    Here's a pic of the clips they use... and the back of the indicator LED... and of my hand... and of my voltmeter measuring resistance:

    This is a pic of where I was planning to mount my new switches (I don't have the button I want yet, so It's not included):

    You know, I just noticed how much it looks like night outside, must be the flash of the camera. :confused:

    Addendum; How to shit yourself 101
    1. Once you put everything back together, put your key in the ignition and push the power button. When it doesn't do anything; panic and shit a brick. :eek:
    2. Once you remember that the car is plugged in and the L5 has disabled the power button, unplug the car and repeat step 1. :pray:
    3. When the car comes on, and the L5 indicator LED blinks once then the dash throws up the red triangle of death; panic and shit a brick.
    4. Check your SG2 for codes (mine were U0100 and U0111).
    5. Turn the car off and back on again; the codes wee cleared automatically by the car (didn't do it with the SG2, and they no longer appeared in the history) and wait for the L5 LED to come on constant and the engine to turn over for its warm-up cycle.
    My nerves are shot right now! Maybe I shouldn't be messing with this? :lol: :yield:
    Maybe tomorrow morning it will give me the same red triangle of death... :pray:
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    Are you making the L5 red light any brighter? I have to cup my hand over the light to see if its's on.