Remember Porta-Walls???!!!

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    Well, my first post .... and it had to be this lame one ... yoi ..!! :)

    If some of you are "mature" enough to remember what porta-walls were, I was thinking about an accessory I saw on one of the Prius accessory pages .... yoi ... er .... ah .... :D .. well, since I am not too convinced the aftermarket wheels nor the 17"ers offered on the Prius V do not hinder or lessen the overall mpg, this accessory sorta stuck out.

    I'm a wheel guy .... da wife's Volvo had upgraded wheels, my '12 CTS has the 19" polished wheel .... so, our more utilitarian (!) Prius III has those "less than attractive" :eyebrows: light gray covers. I saw that for about $100 you can get those same covers with a chrome finish .... Don't kill me .... :D I know, porta-walls and chrome plastic covers .... never thought that would come out of my mouth ... !!!!

    Has anyone purchased or seen these chrome covers??? ANYTHING would be better than the stock light grey critters ..... :cool: The sales dude, with tougue in cheek I'm sure, said some folks take the stock grey covers off and just have the stock wheel show. Haven't gone that far as of yet .. !!

    Any reasonable comments would be appreciated ... !!

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