Reset 2009 Gas Gauge

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    Trying to reset my gas gauge - which has really never been quite right. 2009 Prius, and I'm following these instructions (that were posted elsewhere on the forum) to reset:

    Ok everybody,sorry this has taken to long. Been busy with a lot of things going on and I forgot. I had a new 2G Prius in for PDI and decided to give it a try. And guess what,I found out what we were doing wrong! Just one little step messes up everything. Here is the steps from the TSB and only applies to the 2G.

    1. Park the vehicle so as it is level,front to back and side to side.​
    2. IgOn and make sure that "Trip A " is showing on the odo ( this is where we made a mistake).​
    3. Power down.​
    4. Keep your foot off the brake.​
    5. Push in and hold down the Odo/Trip button.​
    6. Push the Power button twice to IgOn ( not Ready mode ).​
    7. Turn the Odo/Trip off then On 3 times in 5 seconds.​
    8. Continue holding the Odo/Trip button until a 6 digit code appears.​
    9. Release,then push again the Odo/Trip button for another 5 seconds. The 6 digit code will change to a 5 digit code.​
    10. After the middle digit,of the 5 digit code,changes to "1" release the Odo/Trip button and the odometer will return to normal reading.

    Everything is fairly clear, except step 7. "Turn the Odo/Tripo off, then on 3 times in 5 seconds". There is no "off", then "on". There is simply a toggle between ODO/TripA/TripB. So, are we simply pressing the ODO/Trip button 3 times? Or cycling back to TripA 3 times, or ?????

    Can someone be a bit clearer about what this means?