RHD Prius 2010 with nav speakers issues

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    Oct 11, 2021
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    2010 Prius

    I bought my 2010 Prius one year ago and ever since then, the front door speakers never worked. Only the rear speakers, rear tweeters and dash tweeters work.

    I have the 8 speaker system with Navi. I bought brand new EDGE speakers. Two of them are component type speakers (for the rear doors) and two of them are coaxial 6x9(for the froont doors).

    The new rear door speakers work but they have the same or slightly lower volume than the stock ones and almost no bass at all compared to the stock ones. How is this possible considering that the wattage of the new rear doors speakers is 60W RMS compared to much lower wattage of the stock ones?also, i left the original rear door tweeters in place. I haven't changed these with the new ones. Could this be the reason of the low volume in the new speakers? Should i put the new rear tweeters in place as well?

    With the front speakers is a totally different story. The stock ones do not work at all. So, I connected the wires to the new speakers and they also don't work. What could be the reason? Isn't there to much of a coincidence for both front door speakers wires to be culprit? Can the problem be somewhere else? The thing is i don't have too much knowledge with electrics and wires. The most that I could do is take out the door panel and connect the new speakers.