Rodent Access to the Hybrid battery wiring??

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    I'm looking at a 2010 package V that spent 3 years of its life in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque. Those owners traded it in at the local Lexus dealership where the person I'm dealing with bought it two years ago.I'm pretty sure at that time the Lexus folks went over the car. When I opened the hood to check out the engine compartment there were a couple of holes in the hood insulation pad and I'm pretty sure that it was from rodents feasts. The mechanics doing the pre-purchase inspection will be looking for other damage to wiring, etc. I went through the posts on rodent damage on PC which are a great help.
    I've got a question that I didn't find an answer to. Given the recent discussions about the pet hair clogging the HB battery fan and the need to periodically clean out the duct and fan, my questions is whether anyone has seen evidence of rodent damage in/around the HV battery and the HV wiring? That possibility would make another reason to do the inspection and cleaning that's been suggested.