Rust Proofing for Canadian Market Prius?

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    Hello everyone,,
    I just place and order on a 2017 Gen 4 (technology with advanced pkg) yesterday to replace my 2012 Gen 3 which got T-boned earlier this month. The salesman said Toyota Canada did not allowed dealer sell / apply rust proofing on all hybrid vehicle. The salesman also told me if I go other place to apply rust proofing Toyota Canad most likely will denied my warranty if something happen. Any thoughts???
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    I DIY coated vulnerable steel with boiled linseed oil, applied with foam brushes, old tooth brushes. It's held up well.

    It's almost best to wait-and-see where the rust starts, then coat it. I found the worst offenders to be bolts and suspension components, the latter in particular at welded joints.

    The coatings Toyota's using on bolts seems pretty much useless, maybe due to legislation? Ditto for suspension components: they appear to have a single, mostly-cosmetic coat of black paint, doesn't stand up well.

    Any small bolts/screws near the bottom of the car can benefit from being backed out, a drop of oil applied to the threads and reinstalled. License plate bolts too.

    Body panels are not so much of a problem, unless you neglect repair of scrapes. Get a touch-up pen or brush (dealerships sell them), and wash and wax the car regularly. When washing the car spray well inside the wheel wells, run your fingers around the perimeter, clear out all the grit.

    I'm curious why you would buy a Canadian car. There will be a few weird things, like the the fuel economy display in liters per 100 kms, for example. The speedo can be changed to mpg, but that's about it. Also, will Toyota USA do warranty work? They might, but worth checking.

    Also, since your question's regarding rust proofing, can you divulge more specific location?
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