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ScanTool OBDLink SX (USB) + Torque Pro Instructions

Discussion in 'OBDII Android App' started by marlinsmobile, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. marlinsmobile

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    Dec 3, 2015
    Sandy Springs (Atlanta), GA
    2013 Prius
    Posting this here, because I seem to forget every time (and hopefully it helps someone else!)

    Here are the steps for connecting the ScanTool.net OBDLink SX USB (corded) adapter:
    1. Plug the cable into the phone/tablet.
      The adapter flashes yellow and Torque starts. If it is the first time you've plugged it in to the phone, you will likely get a message asking if you'd like Torque to start automatically when the adapter is plugged in.

    2. (If it's a first time setup -- if you've already set up Torque and are just re-plugging it into the car, you don't need to do this) In Torque, go to Settings (gear icon) --> OBD2 Adapter Settings --> Connection Type and change to USB. Go to Select USB Device, and you should see the SX listed.

    3. Plug the cable into the car's diagnostic port.

    4. Close Torque

    5. Unplug and re-plug the cable into the phone. Torque will open.

    6. Start the car.
      The adapter should be solid green, and the blue adapter/USB icon in the upper left corner in Torque should be solid (not flashing).