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Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Main Forum' started by Tom Schoenborne, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Hi People,

    First time poster here. I own(ed; [still can't believe my baby's gone]) a 2007 Prius Touring edition, with #3 trim package. I got into an accident two weeks ago today (photo attached).

    Some $317#[email protected] on their cell phone hit me in the left-front quarter panel at about 30mph; crushing the drive train, etc. Totaled it (at least, that's what the insurance people said). I wanted it fixed, but the insurance company wouldn't consider it; so, I had to let it go. I feel heartbroken.

    I bought the car new, in late 2006, and I loved it! It was, without reservation, the best vehicle I have ever owned. Despite the miles (>150K at the time of the accident) and abuse heaped on that car (used to commute to work ~30 miles/day for 10 years; even drove up and down the East Coast a few times), it was a trooper; it never gave me a single hiccup.

    I really liked the ride - It had a well-tuned suspension, and didn't feel "squirrely" at high speeds. I want another one just like it, if I can track one down. My wife and I have been searching diligently since the accident, but it seems that real Touring editions are like hen's teeth. I would take an '08; maybe an '09, but I didn't like the changes on the 2010, and have no experience with anything later.

    But, we are perplexed... We've been finding many Priuses (Priui?) billed as Touring editions; the VINs even come back as Tourings when run. But they don't have the correct struts (most have the the blue and red striped ones and the lighter suspension rods), or the 7-spoke alloy wheels (most have only 6 spoke); some don't even have the larger spoiler. Are we missing something? Is this some type of fraud? Has anyone else experienced this?

    Any inputs, leads on sales, or even commiseration, is appreciated.

    Thanks and be Well,

    Tom S. My Baby Got Whacked with Edits.jpg
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    Try the Gen 3, if possible, get a 2011 over the 2010. The 2010 model year had some problems with short lowbeam bulb life.

    The 2007/2008 model years are getting to that age where problems start happening (traction battery, transaxle, bearings, brakes, struts, etc.)
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    I can only go off of the dozens of comments in the gen 2 200K Mile Plus Club, and the dozens of ads on craigslist with still running great Gen 2s with over 200k.

    And the fact that I got one 2010 with 150k miles and it has a bad motor.

    But I am pretty sure the gen 2 (and even gen 1) is more reliable and lasts longer than a gen 3. Maybe I just got stuck with a lemon but I have a 2010 w/ low miles w/ blown motor.
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