Selling parts Gen4 2016 Prius Two Eco 37,734 miles

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    Selling parts from Gen4 2016 Prius Two Eco. I purchased it at auction as a donor for parts for my 2016 3 touring I'm rebuilding now.
    Not sure if I’m posting in right place please advise if not.

    The car had 37,734 miles when it was hit in the right front door and fender, all accept front passenger airbags deployed. Parts not available doe to crash are windshield, front right door, mirror, fender, right side under hood fuse/ relay box and A/C high side tube from the compressor to evaporator it was flattened by crash All other parts and systems survived the crash.

    Please let me know what part you need I will try my best to pull it out for you.
    Only parts not available is front bumper parts, used them for my other car. Everything is in very good working and cosmetic condition. I have a dashboard already completely disassembled, all parts from it are available to ship now.

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