Share Your Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Experiences Here

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    For a great post on how to install your aftermarket cat go here: Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Install | PriusChat

    And if you have any links to good prices or any relevant knowledge or experience please share your messages below.

    Screenshot from 2021-08-06 16-08-24.png

    Cat in front of other cat in this pic was just received in the mail today. This was the one that @TMR-JWAP recommended, which is a better design and comes with warranty paper work:

    Screenshot from 2021-08-06 16-10-25.png

    My previous purchase of an aftermarket cat, was a couple of these back in Spring:

    And before those two I also bought this one last winter:

    The one I installed last winter seemed too long and though I didn't think it would fit that extra length allowed a real tight fit almost perfect fit and no leaks.

    The one from last Spring was an install fail... The pipe was too short and at the time I didn't have a welder and used a coupling and clamps, it leaked a little, and vehicle owner took to his friend who welds to redo it.

    Fortunately I have a welder now, so no more worries about leaks...

    The one that showed up today has great length and the outside diameter at end has a helpful taper down to 1 - 7/8th inches whereas all the previous ones from are a 2 inch pipe, which can create issues with leaks depending on where the thief cut the pipe.

    I'll make sure to post follow ups to this thread with more information about how the installation goes.

    In the meantime, what has been your experience with using aftermarket cats?

    Screenshot from 2021-08-06 16-11-56.png

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    One thing to add is that the cat sometimes comes with a 2" clamp. It really needs a 1 7/8" clamp to provide really good sealing. These are available at most auto parts stores. I get 1 7/8" heavy duty model at O'reillys and they've been flawless.
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